Automatically link all related documents files, having them available at your fingertips with Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Streamline and automate your business processes to gain a greater return on investment and cut staff costs through Business Process Optimisation (BPO).

Reassign your staff to other areas of your business that will create revenue (e.g. Sales, Marketing, etc.), by utilising powerful technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).



The labour savings of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability on the machines was a real eye-opener. Suddenly up to an hour per operator was being saved weekly and document management became almost fully electronic

Nitya Raghavan , HR manager, Complete Urban

Ever since we started using the FileStream solution for automating and tracking the sales and lead generation processes we immediately started seeing the benefits of increased productivity and staff accountability. Now we are able to detect bottlenecks and address issues with the process as they arise

Rod Meeuwissen, General Manager, PrinterCorp

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One of the easiest ways for an organisation to increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and boost performance is to ensure that they are efficiently using all of their available resources. This means taking the time to investigate how and where your resources are being deployed, and then re-assigning them to their fullest potential and most cost effective use.  


It happens in all industries.  There comes a time when the business needs to lift its game and start producing more or meeting new targets, but it seems that without a cash injection, change is impossible. It is difficult to predict all potential needs at the beginning of each financial year, and unfortunately some requirements cannot wait until the new financial year to address.

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