FileStream Dictionary

Office Automation

A mix of computer hardware and software used for creation, collection, storage, manipulation and relaying office information needed for completing basic tasks, such as word processing, accounting, e-mails etc.


A process that is used to easily import documents, files and other content into an enterprise management system. A system such as this is often integrated into other platforms, for example: multi-function printers, scanners, or the Microsoft Office suite.

OnScreen OCR

Rather than integrating into the backend of business systems, some applications offer a tool which utilises Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognise the text from fields within other systems and to create links to the primary system.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

A technology that recognises scanned printed characters and converts them into searchable and editable text.

OS Platform

A core system that manages hardware and forms the base on which applications can operate and be interactive to the user.