FileStream Dictionary

Automatic Import

A process whereby files are automatically brought into the capture engine or other system without any human intervention.

Business Process Management (BPM)

A systematic approach to optimising a business’ processes and workflows, with the sole aim of increasing productivity and efficiency.

Business Process Optimisation (BPO)

A level of business process automation where a company faces continuous improvements to achieve a greater operational capacity.

Cost recovery

A solution that is implemented when printing costs need to be assigned at an individual, department, project or client level. Often used in education, legal, finance, or large enterprise.

Document Capture

A process of scanning a document in aim to convert physical document to electronic format.

Document Management System (DMS)

A software based system used for storing and tracking electronic documents.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

A software based system used for controlling and managing documents electronically.

Encryption 128-bit RSA

Encrypted information or data is altered so it looks like meaningless twist for anyone else than intended recipient. Information and data could be understandable and viewed only if they are decrypted in order – that means recipient could see information and data turned back to the original message. 128-bit RSA encryption is the safest way of transferring and saving any data, as it is practically unbreakable.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

A mix of strategies, methods and tools used for organising and storing documents and files, and other content that relates to business operations, within an organisation.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

An advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that recognises handwritten text and symbols and transform them into machine-readable characters.


A data that supports and describes a file. It is used to index files based on predefined search terms which assists with easy filing and retrieval.

Microsoft Dynamics

A business application platform for Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Customer relationship management (CRM)

Microsoft Sharepoint

A number of collaborative sites created for sharing information with others in the team or company, and publishing reports to help in making better decisions.


Accounting software.

Office Automation

A mix of computer hardware and software used for creation, collection, storage, manipulation and relaying office information needed for completing basic tasks, such as word processing, accounting, e-mails etc.


A process that is used to easily import documents, files and other content into an enterprise management system. A system such as this is often integrated into other platforms, for example: multi-function printers, scanners, or the Microsoft Office suite.

OnScreen OCR

Rather than integrating into the backend of business systems, some applications offer a tool which utilises Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognise the text from fields within other systems and to create links to the primary system.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

A technology that recognises scanned printed characters and converts them into searchable and editable text.

OS Platform

A core system that manages hardware and forms the base on which applications can operate and be interactive to the user.

Print Management Solution

A solution that helps in reducing the complexity of self-managing printing by providing an all-inclusive, outsourced, provider-managed service.


A set of software suite designed to manage accounting and inventory for small to medium sized enterprises


Redaction is a security tool that enables a user to blank out sensitive information.  

Rules Based Printing

A solution, also known as behaviour modification, designed to put in place protocols that define how a user can print, eg. force printing: black and white, large volumes to efficient devices, duplex, etc.


A process of scanning a physical document into electronic formats and received via email.


A process of scanning a physical document and saving a file to a pre-defined location.

Scan-to-FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

A process of scanning a physical document to a network.


A process of scanning a physical document to a server using Internet connection.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

A cryptographic protocol that all browsers use to communicate securely.

Workflow tools

A building program that enables the user easy construction workflow elements.