Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

Security | Cloud Services | Version Control | Manage Documents and Files within a Business Process
Multi-Device Platform | Multiple File-Type Support | Easy on-ramp of Documents and Files

By harnessing the power of FileStream’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Electronic Document Management (EDM) Suite you will have all documents and files accessible at your fingertips. Do away with costly and time consuming archive storage facilities or providers, and have complete control over when and where you want to retrieve a document or file.



Maintaining the security and confidence of your documents and files is important. This is why we have put the necessary protections in place such as: 128-bit RSA encryption (SSL) for secure transfer of data; access control; user restrictions; and audit trails.

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Cloud Services

In this day and age, with a mobile workforce, the importance of having your documents and files accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device is enormous. FileStream’s software solutions facilitate access from any web-enabled device, so you can view your documents and files on the go.

We understand that not all businesses have the IT expertise or necessity to maintain their own infrastructure. For this reason, we provide services whereby your system can be hosted at our secure data centre, leaving your documents and files accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Version Control

Nothing is worse than having multiple versions of the same document floating around, with everyone using a different version. Ensure everyone is on the latest version by utilising version control and collaboration tools as part of FileStream’s document management solutions.

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enterprise content management

Manage Documents and Files within a Business Process

By utilising powerful workflow tools in FileStream’s Managed Document Service (MDS) Solutions suite, you can manage your documents and files throughout the life of your business processes. For example, your accounts payable process can be managed from the Purchase Order level, all the way through the approval process, whilst keeping track of email correspondences between you and the vendor, delivery dockets and invoices.

Click Here for further information on how workflow tools and automation can improve productivity within your business to achieve a greater Return on Investment.

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Multi-Device Platform

In the age of BYO devices, one of the primary challenges faced by organisations is how to cater for all these different platforms. It is for this reason that we built our solutions inventory around multiple OS platforms, with full functionality around iOS, Mac, Android and Windows based devices. Access your Document Management System (DMS) from anywhere, anytime.

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Multiple File Support

Multiple File-Type Support

Whilst paper is often the focus of business, it’s not everything. Depending on what you do, you may need to manage video, audio and graphics as well. Whilst this can be achieved through your computer and servers, often it lacks structure and management. Keep total control of all your files as you would your documents.

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Easy on-ramp of Documents and Files

One of the challenges faced by many organisations is how to easily and efficiently get data and files into their document management system. It’s for this reason FileStream has put together a comprehensive range of solutions to facilitate easy on-ramp of documents and files.

Using FileStream’s Capture and Distribution products you can upload documents directly from your FileStream supported Multi-Function Printer, user’s workstation or mobile device. Alternatively completely automate the process by using FileStream’s advanced capture suite, and rid the need of a human element all together.

Click here to learn more about FileStream’s Capture and Distribution solutions.

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We appreciate that every business is different, contact us now to discuss how we can achieve productivity increases and savings within your business.