The labour savings of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability on the machines was a real eye-opener. Suddenly up to an hour per operator was being saved weekly and document management became almost fully electronic
Nitya Raghavan , HR manager, Complete Urban
Ever since we started using the FileStream solution for automating and tracking the sales and lead generation processes we immediately started seeing the benefits of increased productivity and staff accountability. Now we are able to detect bottlenecks and address issues with the process as they arise
Rod Meeuwissen, General Manager, PrinterCorp
Both the IT manager and I agreed that there’s a lot of value with (PaperCut) FileStream print management solution and how it can help us manage usage and costs. From the automation of notifications and job costing to detailed reports on printing volumes, there’s a wide array of options to choose from. By putting alerts in place we can reduce waste by avoiding large jobs that are printed by error or mistake. The idea of tracking and warning is not intended to intimidate the user, but to create awareness and reduce waste
Alex Wolford, Financial Controller, InterSystems